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Take Control of Your Inbox

By Mary Mateus // Virtual Hero

With the increase of virtual communication, email engagement has become an essential part of businesses. Stakeholders, clients and co-workers highly value quick and meaningful responses. However, replying immediately to emails and providing solutions to different situations are time-consuming tasks. A virtual assistant (VA) can team up remotely with you to take care of your email demands. From creating filters, organizing your inbox email, using templates, and sending bulk emails to customers, VAs are ready to assist you in this process.

Don’t let your inbox stress you out.

Based on your business´ requirements and guidelines, VAs use a variety of techniques to take control of what matters to you. Below are some examples of how virtual assistants approach the management of your email inbox.

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The path to inbox zen is to prioritize and delegate accordingly.

We are learning for our clients all the time. Here’s a quick and simple checklist to get started with a virtual assistant.

CREATE FILTERS AND RULES. Virtual Assistants (VA) can assist organizing email. Depending on your particular needs and business criteria (e.g., classifying emails by the names of the companies, clients, activities, etc), VAs focus on making sure that everything follows a systemic order. They can create folders and manage labels, organize your archives and move emails to folders, and get rid of unnecessary emails, promotions, spam, and more.

USE TEMPLATES AND RULES FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Businesses are always looking for ways to save time. VAs work together with their clients to create meaningful email templates to address different situations. The use cases for templates can vary: responding to support tickets and inquiries, sending messages to the right departments or designated points of contact, refining existing draft templates, and providing useful answers and feedback in a timely fashion.

EXECUTING ON NON-ESSENTIAL EMAILS. There are emails that generally are not time-sensitive, but which are equally important for business growth. Virtual assistants can assist by prioritizing important emails, making sure emails are properly addressed on followup, inducing specific CC and BCC individuals, and reporting periodically on the emails sent and learning how to handle new situations and decisions.

ORGANIZE CONTACTS WITH DETAILED PROFILES. Have quick access to a contact database to get in touch with people easily. A virtual assistant can work to build a new business database directory or to renew a current one. They can organize contact information based on your personal criteria, collect information from business associates and customers, add new people to your databases, and update vital contact information for later use.

SEND TL;DR ON CERTAIN EMAILS AND ALERTS FOR THE IMPORTANT ONES. Do you often receive long emails from people and feel stuck responding to them? VAs can help you reduce the time you spend replying to these emails by getting through them, highlighting important information, creating a summary of what is being said, and  sending a TL;DR to inform you of those cases. Additionally, VAs can create alerts to avoid missing important emails, people, or events.

MASS RESPOND TO HIGH VOLUME EMAILS. Have you experienced sending the same email over and over to multiple customers? VAs make effective use of different platforms (e.g., Hubspot CRM, Gmelius) to create campaigns and send bulk emails to groups of people. To do that they can create a list of contacts (including their names and emails), upload the contacts list in a CSV file,  compose an email via the specified platform, and revise campaigns and send it out.

Creating a system to manage your emails and keep it up-to-date are critical tasks for developing excellent relationships with customers, friends, and colleagues. A VA can make a difference in your business by effectively taking care of all your inbox and helping you run everything more smoothly.



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