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Referral Program

Know any companies that could benefit from vetted and proactive virtual assistant support? We’d love to meet them.

Earn Referral Bonuses

Earn Commission For Every Single Referral. Period.

Making a referral is easy, and anyone is welcome to participate in the program — OrangeUP customer or not.

Benefits, Perks and Tools

Initial Month Commission


It’s pretty simple: you tell your friends about OrangeUP Virtual Assistants.

When they join, we’ll pay you 10% of the first month's plan per referral that becomes a paid subscriber.

Here's an overview of the process.

Step 1

Fill out the form

Submit the form on this page to let us know about a company who needs OrangeUP. Remember, you don’t have to be a customer — anyone can submit a referral!

Please note: at this time, referrals can only be submitted for OrangeUP Virtual Assistants.

Step 2

Receive updates in your inbox

We’ll send you an email notification when you first submit your referral and share additional email updates on the status of your referral.

Step 3

Get paid

Once your referral joins OrangeUP and successfully completes their first month, we’ll issue your referral bonus per our quarterly payment schedule. It’s that simple.

Absolutely! We welcome anyone spreading the word and participating in the referral program, including customers and non-customers.

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Chat with us to explore what the process is like and what to expect.