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Marketing Ideas to Engage Audiences

By Mary Mateus // Virtual Hero

These days the communication channels from which customers and stakeholders receive information and through which you can interact with them are limitless. On a daily basis, a variety of marketing strategies are used to engage with the target audience and to stay abreast of current changes.

For many businesses and professionals, certain mediums like blogs, E-books, and infographics can be great ways to develop meaningful relations with the community, engage audiences, and most importantly: increase visibility.

Virtual writers, bloggers, and marketers work to support you with the effectiveness of your businesses’ current marketing strategies.

At OrangeUP, our virtual writers, bloggers, and marketers work to support you with the effectiveness of your businesses’ current marketing strategies and to explore other possibilities you can experiment with. In this edition of The Bridge, we’ll discuss some of these jobs and recommendations on effective practices carried out by our team of virtual heroes.

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Companies want to share valuable information with their communities (…) a virtual assistant is ready to assist you in this process.

We are learning for our clients all the time. Here’s a quick and simple checklist to get started with a virtual assistant.


Putting together an article requires not just an ability to write, but also a great deal of attention to the needs and interests of the target audience. To accomplish content writing tasks, our virtual writers follow a tried and tested process: 1) discuss with the clients about the type of content they expect them to write about and on what schedule, 2) create a content plan based on the objectives of the company, 3) research articles and resources to get a deeper understanding of the topics they need to write about, 4) draft the articles and blog posts, 5) edit and refine their drafts, and 6) submit their final drafts.


Blogging has become one of the most effective tools for companies and rising professionals to add value to their businesses and entrepreneurial activities. There are a variety of blogging platforms (e.g., WordPress, Medium ) that allow our VAs to accomplish the various management tasks that blogging entails. To do so they can: 1) discuss with the clients about the structure of the blogs and the preferred layout, 2) find images and pictures to go along with the content of the blogs, 3) publish the material on blogging platforms based on the clients’ requirements, and 4) follow up on comments made by the clients and readers.


Sometimes companies find themselves in the position of wanting to share valuable information

with their communities but not knowing how to take it to the next level. A great way to accomplish this task is through the development of an E-book. With some basic instructions, a virtual assistant is ready to assist you in this process. They can 1) revise the topics and content to be included with the clients, 2) discuss with their client about the design and formatting of the E-book, 3) research additional resources to complement the information you already have on your databases, 4) revise and organize the content that you want to include 5) draft the content, 6) edit and refine the drafts, 7) select pictures to go along with the E-book, and 8) put together the e-book.


Some people are readers while others are more visual learners. Whether you have a particular learning style or the other, infographics have become one of the most useful marketing techniques due to its attention grabbing effects. Our team of virtual marketers have tons of expertise in the development of infographics and other marketing pieces, to accomplish these tasks they: 1) discuss with their clients to know more about the message and data points they want to get across and the visual elements involved, 2) use different platforms (e.g., Canva ) to start the design process of these pieces, 3) create, find, and add visually appealing pictures and graphics to the pieces, 3) refine the infographics, and 4) Finish their final pieces based on the clients’ criteria.

And now that you’re sold on the power of writing and marketing, how does it translate into your business? At OrangeUp, we count with a team of creative and qualified virtual heroes who create meaningful content that will make a long-term impact on your visibility and relationships with the target community.



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