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Increase Customer Satisfaction

By Mary Mateus // Virtual Hero

Why do your customers buy your products/ services? What makes you different from the competition? While these questions resonate with many professionals, many of them might find it difficult to provide concrete answers to these items. Although many companies can sell the same products and services your company does, your business value proposition can be influenced directly by one important element: customer service.
Customer service entails not just good communication and attention to your clients but also a genuine interest in their needs and how to interact with them on a daily basis. That said, not understanding how to treat your clients and properly engage with them can translate into difficulties for your business.

Focusing on adding value to your clients is a useful strategy for a growing and thriving business.

Our team of virtual assistants can support you with the management of current and potential customers in a variety of ways. Here is a list of activities that correlate to customer service and the processes involved with the development of these activities.

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Our team of virtual assistants can help you engage with your customers directly and accomplish several tasks.

We are learning for our clients all the time. Here’s a quick and simple checklist to get started with a virtual assistant.


No matter if you are a small or mid-sized organization, or even a one person shop, the relation that you establish with your clients plays a pivotal role at all stages of your business development. Our team of virtual assistants can help you engage with your customers directly and accomplish several tasks such as 1) creating a customer service script and template with frequently asked questions and answers, 2) making calls to follow up with current customers about the products/services your company offers, 2) making calls to sell your company’s products and services, 3) collect or renew strategic information for customer engagement (e.g., telephone, email, mailing address, DOB, etc) and, 3) conduct inquiries related to the development of marketing strategies and promotions.


With the overwhelming popularity of online services, it is clear that many customers and rising professionals no longer communicate face-to-face, but throughout social media and other virtual platforms. Some virtual assistants are experts on the development of all types of activities to engage with customers including

1) revising and managing your social media platforms by answering questions about the products and services your business offers, 2) promote your products and services, 3) provide step-by-step information to solve problems that clients might have when making transactions, and 3) collect and organize feedback provided by customers.


With the help of technology and the increase of E-commerce platforms, you can constantly keep in touch with your clients no matter where in the world they are. If you have an E-Commerce website, a customer service virtual assistant can be an ally to help you increase your sales and improve your ROI. To accomplish these tasks a virtual assistant can: 1) verify that your website server is prepared for the influx of website traffic, 2) engage with customers via online chat tools to answer their questions and give solutions to issues, 3) confirm personal information and invoices, and 4) follow up with clients to make sure that clients are receiving their products and services in a timely fashion.

What can your clients get from your business that they can get nowhere else? The answer is simple: excellent customer service. By making sure that you count with the right virtual assistant customer service professionals and the proper outreaching tools you can provide a positive experience for both your business and clients. Engaging with your customers doesn’t need to be a chore, not should it.



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