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The Basics of a Virtual Assistant

By Mary Mateus // Virtual Hero

Businesses have always been about collaboration and teamwork. Many rising professionals and entrepreneurs are already aware of the concept of outsourcing, but perhaps questioning themselves how they can benefit from this practice, which tasks they can outsource, and how Virtual Assistants (VAs) can support their goals.

The outsourcing model is seamless and straightforward: tasks and business deliverables are passed to virtual assistants, who diligently take care of what is important to your company helping you accomplish your business goals and challenges from a remote location.

What exactly can a virtual assistant do?

The outsourced professional can do a variety of things, but what matters most are the actions that will move your needle forward. The following are a collection of tasks that you should consider outsourcing to a virtual assistant to focus on being the right kind of busy.


Before you hire a Virtual Hero, first define what you need them to do.

You can’t reach your goals without assistance. From inbox management, event planning, organization of information to financial tasks and social media support, a VA’s increasing collaborative efforts can help you become more productive and efficient.

INBOX MANAGEMENT. As you grow in your career or start to scale your business, you may be experiencing an increase in the number of emails and voicemails that you receive from stakeholders. Do you often find stuck dealing with numerous emails that need immediate attention? A skilled VA can support you in the email inbox management process by following up with people in a timely fashion and keeping track of important details that are unintentionally ignored.

CALENDAR MANAGEMENT. Just like any relationship, communication is an essential element in your business journey and profession. Organizing your schedule, setting up appointments, and coordinating virtual meetings are critical tasks that require time and energy. A virtual assistant can help you connect with your colleagues, clients, and staff at the proper time while supervising that you are not missing any important deadline.


ORGANIZATIONAL ASSISTANCE. Data entry and organization of the information are tasks that always demand attention to detail and can be time-consuming. Virtual assistants can partner with you to classify information, monitor progress on different projects, and keep an eye on those items that fall off the radar because without help, there isn’t the bandwidth to track them.

FINANCIAL TASKS. Accounting management, keeping track of expenses, invoicing, and budgeting are activities that cannot be postponed. Delegating these tasks to a VA can relieve some of the pressure that you face dealing with financial procedures. Why do the accounting yourself when others are more suited to the task?

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. Social media can be the catalyst for your business and a virtual assistant is your ally in this journey. Let your VA give you a hand in the creation of campaigns, ads, media kits, social media strategies, and other marketing tasks that will help you engage and connect with your target audience in a meaningful way. Building an engaged community was never this easy.

There are plenty of lessons to be gleaned from virtual assistants, and a bunch of tasks that they can complete to fully support you. If you are looking to organically accelerate the growth of your business, a virtual assistant can be a great choice to leverage your time, reduce liability, and excel at what you are good at.


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