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A New Look for OrangeUP

OrangeUP began with the simple belief: That outsourcing helps you be the right kind of busy.

In 2013, we launched our initial outsource-driven virtual assistant freelance service in Bogotá, Colombia, establishing a radically effective new model to grow and accelerate workforce impact across a broad spectrum of companies and industries.

When new ideas take off, passionate people take notice and, by 2019, we have launched more formal services beyond Colombia with professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and more.

Now, while many tend to associate outsourced workforce with traditional hubs like India or the Philippines, we believe a talented workforce can come from Latin America (LatAm). So we’ve worked to build out a virtual heroes talent ecosystem in Colombia to begin in LatAm, from Barranquilla to Cali and everywhere in between. And, with deep roots in the capital district of Bogotá, we always work to connect amazing workforce talent with some amazing leaders and organizations around the world.

Shaping a new narrative for Latin American talent

Today, OrangeUP is on the road to become a global platform for outsourced virtual assistants. We connect a latin workforce, driven change-makers, organizations, and cities to foster a more sustainable and inclusive world.


From our Founder

Today, OrangeUP is a workforce development program that builds the bridge to outsourced Latin American talent across the U.S. and Europe.

The case for change

Over the past year, we’ve seen incredible growth and success across the U.S. market. Anyone who knows us knows that we’re #GiveFirst at heart and have always focused more on the work and less on how we projected ourselves to the world.

But, as more and more professionals, small businesses, communities and governments reached out, asking how they can work with us, it became clear we needed a simpler, sharper, more unified way to tell our story. That’s exactly what this new identity aims to do.

“Today, OrangeUP is a workforce development program that builds the bridge to outsourced Latin American talent across the U.S. and Europe,” said OrangeUP Founder and CEO Flor Liévano. “Having validated the outsourced assistant service, we are now working toward our vision of a connected inclusive workforce.”

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