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Marketing Support: Generate Valuable Content and Engage With Your Target Audience At Scale

By Mary Mateus // Virtual Hero

It was Beth Comstock, a business executive, who once said “Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.”  No matter the job we do, we can all relate to Beth’s words as we constantly see the impact that marketing has on the digital world, and how having an online presence can be used to accelerate a business or improve professional networks in today’s world.

Marketing encompasses a great variety of activities (content marketing, advertising, design, social media strategies, etc.) that demand attention, creativity, and expertise.

In this edition of our blog, we will discuss how our team of VAs manages some of the processes involved in the development of marketing deliverables. 

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Know who your target audience is and keep in mind the kind of content you’d like to see posted.

We are learning for our clients all the time. Here’s a quick and simple checklist to get started with a virtual assistant.


One of the main objectives for all companies and rising entrepreneurs is to stay in line with the upcoming changes and demands of the world. Our virtual marketing strategists’ first priority is to understand these changes and help you convey a message across them. To accomplish that they: 1) discuss with clients their current marketing practices to determine how they can help them meet their marketing needs, 2) propose a marketing strategy that fits the clients needs and interests, and 3) create a plan for the short-term and long-term marketing goals.


Our team of digital marketers have experience with content design and will help promote your business, brands, and products effectively. They can 1) revise which strategic channels can help you reach your outreach and awareness objectives, 2) create a variety of advertising pieces including ads, brochures, invitations, collages, infographics, ebooks, etc, as well as other materials that add value to your campaigns, and 3) publish content in different platforms where potential customers are 


searching for your products and services (e.g., websites, blogs, Facebook, etc).


You can work together with our virtual digital marketers to create impactful social media campaigns. The important part is to know who your target audience is and keep in mind the kind of content you’d like to see posted. With some basic instructions, a virtual assistant is ready to assist you in this process. To do that they: 1) discuss with their clients the type of posts and resources that they’d like to use to engage with the target audience, 2) create different marketing pieces based on the clients´ requirements (e.g., Instagram stories, Instagram posts, animations for social media, posters, etc), 3) determine a posting schedule for each social media platform the client wants to use (e.g., Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc), 4) use scheduling software (i.e., Hootsuite) to set up the different hours of your campaigns, and  5) meet periodically with the clients to check the progress of the campaigns and discuss the necessary changes.

The model of virtual assistantship is a cost-effective way to approach general digital marketing tasks and build an online presence that leads to more positive sales outcomes. Our virtual marketing strategists can help you develop successful campaigns that will generate engagement and quality leads.



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