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Let’s Harmonize Our Personal Life

By Liz Raigoso // Virtual Hero

Between dealing with our entrepreneurial and professional lives, while also looking for opportunities to grow, many personal issues can easily fall off the radar. With so many aspects to cover, a valuable option to remain on top of the important stuff and be the right kind of busy is through intentional outsourcing.


Our team of Virtual Assistants (VAs) support you in a number of ways to help you find the right blend of your professional practices and business processes to get your personal life in balance. Below are some examples of how they approach the management of personal activities. 

It is important to find life balance

We all know taking care of our personal endeavors requires time, resources, and focus; however, there are times when our agendas don’t always allow for all of three.

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Be the right kind of busy and harmonize your life.

We are learning for our clients all the time. Here’s a quick and simple checklist to get started with a virtual assistant.

SCHEDULE YOUR NEXT APPOINTMENT (e.g., doctor, dentist, hairdresser)

Do you need to visit the doctor soon? Or perhaps do you need to cancel a personal appointment at the last minute? Our VAs are experts on scheduling. They can check your calendar to see your availability, reach out to specific people via email or cell phone to set up dates, confirm your appointments, and check new dates available if there is a last minute cancelation.



We live in the generation of now, now, now. How quickly you call or interact with colleagues and customers will make a huge impact in your professional and business life. Our VAs work together with you to set up systems and receive calls on your behalf, provide solutions to potential problems that clients may have, talk to collaborators to help you organize events, and keep in touch with stakeholders.


This might sound like a really simple task but having someone helping you check important information and refining your documents certainly is a demanding activity. Some of our virtual assistants specialize exclusively on generating ideas, writing, and editing tasks. To accomplish these processes they carefully revise documents, proofread content focusing on particular aspects (e.g.,mechanics, punctuation, spelling, ideas development, etc), make the necessary suggestions and changes on your documents, and send you revised versions of the fixed files. 

PLAN EVENTS (e.g., Company Outings to Personal Dinner Parties)

Company retreats, family outings, and dinner parties are events that require time and effort. A VA will make sure that all details involved in the planning and execution of these events run smoothly. They can do research to find out the best outing options available, revise menus, make calls to set up reservations, get in touch with vendors to discuss event proposals, and provide a detailed summary of the best choices.



There is no denying that the quality of our personal lives influences our professional endeavors. By outsourcing your personal tasks to our VAs, you will be able to take complete control of the key business areas of your company and the important processes involved in your career. To accomplish this task a VA will help you explore all your personal activities to delegate and/or internal processes to systematize, create strategies to manage them, and revise periodically with you different activities to make sure that everything that you need is being completed on time.


Today’s competitive landscape frequently forces people to choose between their entrepreneurial and professional lives and their personal ones. But remember, it doesn’t have to be that way. Wouldn’t it be amazing to work with a reliable professional who gets all your personal activities done? There are plenty of personal tasks that you should consider outsourcing to our VAs.



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