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Intro to e-book

By Mary Mateus // Virtual Hero

When we talk about business, we always have to mention collaboration and teamwork. These days many entrepreneurs and business owners are already familiar with the concept of outsourcing, but sometimes question how this practice can be a benefit to their business. Which tasks can be outsourced and how can Virtual Assistants (VA) better support their goals?

Teamwork is the key to success.

Let us help you to be the right kind of busy.

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The future of your business and

career is limitless

We are learning for our clients all the time. 

Based on our experience on Virtual Assistants and the consistent help that we provide to our customers, OrangeUP has started an informative blog: The Bridge. Our main goal is to bring insights into the various activities that are carried out by our team of skilled virtual heroes and the mistakes to avoid.

The Bridge also aims to provide you with tools to help you transition from the traditional do-it-yourself to a more outsourced model. In the first four articles of our blog, you will find detailed information about outsourcing, its pillars, and how organically this model can be a great help in order to accelerate the growth of your business.

1. Why You Need Virtual Assistants to Grow and Scale Your Impact
2. The Basics of a Virtual Assistant
3. How to Get Started with Virtual Assistants
4. How To 10x Your Business Productivity with Virtual Assistants

In out next series of articles, we will discuss in-depth how various areas of your career and/or business could asset from this model and how we we approach the development of particular tasks


5-Taking Control of Your Inbox

6- Automate Your Scheduling and Calendar Appointments

7- Focus on The Trip, Not How to Get There

8- We’ll Keep Track of Every Receipt and Help You Shop Smarter

9- A Dedicate Guru Always at Hand

10- Let us Help You Get Your Personal Life in Balance to Make Work a Bit Easier

11- Let the Social Media do the Magic for You

Lastly, we have launched an e-book addressing the 200 tasks and duties that you should consider outsourcing to our virtual heroes. From marketing, sales services, customer support, business ideas, finance and much more, this e-book will give you a glimpse of the top reason why our clients have decided to go with outsourcing solutions.

The future of your business and career is limitless, If your are considering adding a VA to your team, reach out to OrangeUP to determine how our heroes can help you meet your goals and exceed what you are good at.



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