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How To 10x Your Business Productivity With Virtual Assistants

By Mary Mateus // Virtual Hero

One way to translate your dream into reality is by creating a systems process (steps) to streamline desired outcomes. Virtual Assistants can be experienced in various fields (e.g., marketing, bookkeeping, event planning, customer support, etc.) and are here to run the extra mile for you to grow and accelerate your impact.

Create a process to streamline outcomes.

It’s one thing to know what to outsource, it’s quite another to develop effective systems processes to be the right kind of busy with a virtual assistant. So, how do we do that exactly? Below are a few examples of the kinds of tips and advice to ensure you waste little time while working with a virtual assistant.


Once we shift from busy bee to strategic leader, we accelerate impact.

We are learning for our clients all the time. Here’s a quick and simple checklist to get started with a virtual assistant.

DAILY STAND-UPS. Delegating and managing remote work is tricky, but a good balance of creative freedom and regular check-ins can help stay on the same page and reduce gettin off course. We recommend holding daily stand-ups (regular check-ins, 5-10 minutes max) periodically to share priorities for the day, and/or address bottlenecks and/or answer questions. One of our clients schedules them at pre-set times agreed by both parties to sync up before starting the work that day.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT. Let’s face it, we want to do a lot but can’t keep track of all the critical components. Why not have your virtual assistant help you manage your project? They can create a timeline to better understand important deadlines and deliverables, keep things moving by executing on key deliverables, and report how things went and/or areas of improvement for next time.

WEEKLY POSTS. Social media is rife with missteps and brand fiascos. Avoid PR nightmares by having a dedicated person focusing on the scheduling and creative vision for the daily/weekly postings. We recommend having customer personas to define the audience, determine your Customer Value Journey to identify how and when to engage with leads, and review postings via a content calendar to ensure everything is on brand.


DAILY REVIEW. Accounting management entails expertise in financials and attention to record-keeping. Our virtual assistants can collaborate with you on critical activities such as tracking invoicing, payroll, expenses, inventory management, among others. They can also check bank transactions daily and review documentation to make sure everything is supported properly. The virtual assistant can use various platforms (e.g., Quickbooks, Xero, Waveapps, etc.) to maintain your accounting up- to-date and generate reports to keep you informed about business expenses.

EVENTS AND CONFERENCES. Sometimes you need to engage with groups of people but don’t have the time to manage the logistics. You can partner with a virtual assistant to help you with the critical components, from Project Management to Marketing and event execution. One of our virtual teams focuses on speaker and partner outreach, another deals with tech setup and tech-check, and another focus is on email reminders and feedback.

There are many benefits with the help of a virtual assistant, but only if you focus on being the right kind of busy. By implementing effective systems processes for your virtual assistant, they can help you accelerate your impact and success.



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