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Accelerate your startup with a Virtual Assistant.

By Mary Mateus // Virtual Hero

Many founders and business owners have experienced first hand the usefulness of assigning certain tasks to more skilled members in order to be the right kind of busy.
When we start a business, we have limited resources and may be hard-pressed to hire direct employees. Yet we need to grow our capacity to accomplish different tasks and functions in order to grow and scale. Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) can be a crucial advantage at the early stages of your business. By taking into account the idea of hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA), you will be able outsource the time consuming tasks to focus “working on the business.” It’s helpful to figure out how a VA can help you in your entrepreneurial journey. We have collected some of the essential tasks that founders usually face while staring up their businesses and how our VAs have supported them:

The dream of many entrepreneurs is to be their own bosses

The process from business idea to startup requires many steps, including identifying a critical market problem, prioritizing the job(s) to be done, and of course a team.

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Consider using the outsourcing services of a VA as a trusted partner for your business.

We are learning for our clients all the time. Here’s a quick and simple checklist to get started with a virtual assistant.



Present and potential customers are the essence of your business and it is very important to know how to reach out to them. Our VA’s will help you with 1) reaching out to leads and customers, 2) creating and organizing databases, 3) handling interviews, 4) setting up appointments, and/or 5) following up with customer support if necessary.



One of the key elements all rising entrepreneurs have to deal with is developing a customer persona. A VA is a great help for to complete a variety of tasks like 1) use research platforms (e.g., Google, Linkedin) in order to identify customer leads and competitors, 2) build your target customer profiles, 3) compare demographic information, and 4) detect and evaluate tools, technologies and systems that your business needed as you grow and scale.


One of the critical aspects for your business is the brand. A VA can support by completing different 


tasks such as 1) helping you determine which name or brands will echo with your target customers, 2) explore the company names of competitors, and 3) setup various social media accounts based on your company’s chosen name.


Once your business starts to grow, your customer’s feedback turns into an important element. A VA will be able to 1) create surveys on the platforms of your choice (e.g., Doodle, Survey Monkey, Google forms, etc.), 2) develop reports based on customer’s answers, 3) revise ongoing questions for surveys and suggest new one, and 4) cooperate to make informed decisions based on the information gathered.


Outreaching to target audiences, creating a series of templates for quick replies, and more can be achieved quickly by working together with a VA. With some basic guidance a VA can 1) automate setting up appointments, or following up with clients, 2) get in through your email and boost your responsiveness, and 3) use platforms (e.g., Gmelius) to create campaigns and send bulk email to multiple recipients through a more individualized approach.

Consider using the outsourcing services of a VA as a trusted partner for your business. They’ll support you to develop your business idea and grow more effectively.



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